Delaware Ranked #1 In The United States

Each year the United States Chamber of Commerce announces which States have the best and worst legal system. For the fifth year in a row, Delaware has received the top honors, being named the State with the fairest legal system. Additionally, a survey of U.S. businesses ranked Delaware as the State doing the best job of creating a fair and reasonable legal environment. As many of the top businesses in the United States, and a growing number of small and medium sized businesses, have chosen Delaware as the place to incorporate, that ranking should not come as a big surprise. The results of the 2006 study, which was officially conducted for the United States Chamber Institute for Legal Reform by The Harris Poll, surveyed a national sample of in-house general counsel or other senior corporate litigators to explore how reasonable and fair the legal system is perceived to be by U.S. business. In order to ensure the integrity of the results, respondents were first screened for their familiarity with States, and those who were very or somewhat familiar with the litigation environment in a given State were then asked to evaluate that State. When deciding where to incorporate, there are a number of considerations that businesses must take into account. Perhaps the single most important consideration for any business is the legal environment within the incorporation State. Over the past few years, several States have tried to create more favorable climates for businesses; but year after year, it is Delaware that provides the most fair and competent judges, the best and most efficient handling of litigation proceedings and juries that are competent, fair and predictable. It is also Delaware that provides the most flexible and business-friendly incorporation laws, including minimal regulation and minimal yearly filing requirements. Recently, formation companies in the State of Nevada have been mounting an advertising campaign to drive businesses into the desert, touting the State’s minimum regulation. What is missing from Nevada, however, is a fair, competent and predictable legal environment. In fact, in 2006 Nevada ranked worst among the States in terms of creating a fair and reasonable legal environment while ranking 37th overall. Additionally, according to several magazine publications, venture capitalists and angel investors they will all routinely throw away business plans they receive from companies incorporated in Nevada. What this means, of course, is that if you are a legitimate business you could get inappropriately labeled as unsavory simply because you have incorporated in Nevada. Additionally, many, if not most of the Nevada companies who help individuals set up companies, tout the fact that when you file a Nevada LLC the owners of the LLC can remain anonymous. To some, such anonymity may be helpful, but the Nevada promise is misleading at best and completely disingenuous at worst. While you can anonymously create a Nevada LLC, the company must provide the Secretary of State with the names and addresses of each manager or managing members on or before the last day of the first month after the filing of the Nevada LLC. See Nevada Revised Statutes 86.263. Therefore, the promise of anonymity in Nevada can be a hollow promise. While anonymous ownership may not be important to all, in some situations there can be a legitimate business interest in keeping matters private. Unlike Nevada, Delaware truly does offer an answer to those in search of privacy. Simply stated, in Delaware, if you want to create an anonymous LLC you can do just that. No where in the Delaware laws is there any requirement that the managers or members be identified in any filing. In fact, the Delaware law relating to the formation of LLC’s specifically says that the names of the managers or members may be included, but are not required. See Delaware Code § 18-102. Therefore, if anonymity is what you want then Delaware is the place to incorporate, not Nevada. When deciding to incorporate in Delaware, companies of all sizes receive the benefit of the most developed business laws in the United States. The Delaware Chancery Court is renowned throughout the country for its handling of complex business matters. In fact, other States attempting to copy Delaware’s successful business climate turn to and defer to the Delaware Chancery court and its rulings, thereby acknowledging the superior climate provided to businesses by the State of Delaware. Where you incorporate is a big decision, but for companies of all sizes Delaware has made the decision very easy. Whether you are a start-up business, family business, small business, large business or subsidiary, Delaware is the place to incorporate. Whether you are forming a LLC, a partnership, a general corporation or a C-corporation, you will benefit from the nation’s premier legal system.

Is Market America The Right Business For You?

I was looking for a home based business and a friend of mine introduced me to Market America. I think I am like most people so I started searching on the internet for reports on this company. I don’t know if you have noticed this or not but when you are searching companies you always run into reports that say something like “Market America Scam” in the title. So what do you do when you see this? Does this stop you in your tracks or do you do more research. I don’t know about you but I get curious about stuff like this. Is someone bashing this company because it did not work for them or is there some truth to it. So I did some more research. Market America has it’s main headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina and was founded by JR Ridinger and his wife Loren Ashley. They started the company in 1992. Like a lot of home based businesses this is an MLM company or a network marketing company. They do their marketing over the internet and have an online store. Most of their products are in the health and beauty arena. They are a huge company and have gone international by expanding in Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. “Market America Scam” Not True Hopefully you have caught on and Market America Inc is not a scam. If you really study some of the articles or ads that are on the internet and say Market America Scam the authors or advertisers are really trying to get you to click on the ad or go read the article. I really believe most of these should be titled more like Market America Review. Just looking at this research you can see Marketing America is not a scam. So actually when you are searching and run into “Marketing America Scam” it is more likely a “Marketing America Review” and the writers of articles and ads are trying to get you to take a closer look at the company or the business opportunity they are pitching. So they are hoping you will sign on with them in whatever business they are in. If you have ever been in a network marketing or a MLM company I’m sure you have noticed there are people who are making money and then there are people who are not making money. So when I read articles about the market America scam and they are truly talking about a scam, my guess is that this person did not make any money. So what do you think are these people going to blame themselves or say they got ripped off by the company? Market America has paid a ton of money out to people, in fact over two billion dollars. My guess is that these distributors called “Unfranchise Business Owners” do not think this is a scam. And in fact there are over 180,000 distributors in this company. Is Market America Inc Good For You? Only you can tell if Market America Inc is a good opportunity for you and your family. I believe by the results of my research and I think you will agree that this is really a legitimate business. They have great products, they are worldwide, and they have a pretty decent compensation plan. Again you are the only one who can tell if the business is a good fit for you. If this is your first network marketing attempt or even if you have tried a couple other MLM businesses, you have to understand building one of these things takes time. After all Rome wasn’t built in a day. You have to realistic about this. If you are consistent in sharing this business with other people over an extended period of time you have a chance to make a ton of money. Here is what you need to do. You need to put together a game plan. Once you get into an MLM or a network marketing company you should know or know somebody who will teach you how to promote your company, how to market your company, and how to drive traffic to your website. You will first be told to share this with your family and friends and then help other people do the same thing. But what happens after you go through your family and friends. You need a plan on what you are going to do after you dry up your warm market. There is more to knowing if the “Market America Scam” is true or not. You need to make sure you have a game plan to build any type of network marketing or MLM business.

The Perfect Internet Business For Starting Outside The United States

I have to admit… …I am a stereotypical American- especially when it comes to online businesses. For many years, I believed that the majority of Internet business owners were residents of the United States. Boy was I wrong! A couple of days ago, I received some feedback about my free ebook: The Secret Guide to Online Businesses. One reader liked the different business ideas that I discuss, but he felt that some were impossible to do in countries outside of the United States. Swallowing my pride, I realized that this reader was right! Although I tried to give a worldwide view of online businesses, I failed to realize that some businesses are more suited to different countries and backgrounds. So I decided to sit down and analyze the most common online businesses. They would be separated into three major categories, based on the difficulty of earning money outside the United States. This way, you start an online business, no matter where you live. Let’s get started… Online Businesses That Can Earn Money in Any Country Affiliate Marketing- Running an affiliate marketing site can be done from any location outside of the United States. Since you don’t ship an actual product, you can promote any business product and still earn a nice sales commission. Information Products- An information product business can be managed in any country. All you have to do is find a payment processor that will work in conjunction with your nation. Google Adsense- Creating a Google Adsense site is easy to do and can be done from virtually any location. Google’s program is available to a wide number of countries. Online Businesses With Limited Earning Potential Outside the United States eBay- Although eBay is located in many countries, it might be a difficult business to run. When you have customers outside of your country, it costs more time and money to ship to these locations. For some, shipping issues can present a challenging time for many online entrepreneurs. Online Store- Like an eBay business, running an online store can be difficult if you have to ship products to other countries. In addition, it is hard to find a payment processor that will accept payment from other countries. Online Businesses With Extremely Limited Earning Potential Outside the U.S. Paid Online Surveys- Although online surveys are a great way to earn a side income, this is not an option for most non-US residents. This is due to the fact that most of companies don’t offer surveys to members outside of America. Mystery Shopping- Like online surveys, mystery shopping cannot be done in many other countries. This is due to the fact that the majority mystery shopping companies only offer jobs that are located within the United States. Although I listed many businesses that are easy to do in many countries, there might be some special considerations based on your country of origin. So as you start your Internet business, you should find out if they issue checks to citizens of your country. With any Internet business, it is important to your research. No matter what country you live in, you should find out how you will get paid and if it works with your nation. A little research will lead to long-term success.

Is My Harvest America a Scam or Legitimate Business?

Are you doing an exhaustive investigation of My Harvest America? Then you are at the right place. Common sense dictates that the more you know the better decisions you are able to make. You are about to discern why numerous network marketing top brass have moved to my harvest America in this ground breaking review. You will also be in a position to conclude whether My Harvest America is a genuine business opprtunity or a rip-off. My Harvest America is one of the few successful groceries or food based MLMs and this explains the growing online buzz on My Harvest America. As with all good MLM companies, they are as good as their leadership and the executive team after them. The Executives behind my harvest America are Ron Ellis to Fred Weih. My Harvest America’s main aim is to make grocery shopping easier, more expedient and cost less for the average family. The grocery industry generates over $447 billion in annual sales and touches every living person. There is no doubt that My Harvest America has the potential to add value to the lives of millions of clients as well as a profitable work at home business opportuinity. My Harvest America Royalty Program. This is also referred to as the shoppers telling shoppers loyalty program. When one joins My Harvest America as an associate, one sponsors subscribers who can also join the shoppers telling shoppers loyalty program and register subscribers too. When that happens, you have the potential to earn rewards up to beyond 8 levels of referred shoppers. You then can earn commissions from all subscription delivery service placed under your three by eight shoppers’ team that forms a matrix. To qualify to receive matrix commissions, you need to have enrolled as a shopper or super shopper and be on a monthly subscription and have at least one personally sponsored shopper or retail subscriber on a monthly subscription. “Shoppers” join at an annual fee of $39.95 which includes their administrative back office, website and hosting fees. This is simply the cost of running the business for your personal My Harvest America. The monthly payment for “Shoppers,” which includes the subscription to the online grocery store delivery service and your monthly newsletter is $29.95. Therefore, your FIRST payment will be $39.95 PLUS $29.95 equaling $69.90. Thereafter, it is only $29.95 a month. “Super Shoppers” also enlist for an annual fee of $39.95, which includes their administrative back office, personal replicated website, and their hosting fees. Again, this covers the business side of things. The monthly payment for “Super Shoppers” includes the subscription to the online grocery store delivery service, a benefits package which gives you access to discounts at over 250,000 retailers across America, and a monthly newsletter for $79.90. Therefore, your FIRST payment will be $39.95 PLUS $79.90 equaling $119.85. Each month thereafter it is only $79.90. Where can you pay $39.95 a year to own a successful business? The difference between the “shoppers” and the “super shoppers” is the monthly cost, and also you could earn much more money by being a “super shopper”. Your foremost salary could come from the matching bonuses. “Shoppers” only get to shop in the grocery store, but “super shoppers” get to shop in the grocery store AND have access to discounts to over 250,000 retailers. In my opinion My Harvest America is a legit network marketing company that chooses to pay customers like you and me the money that would traditionally be spent on marketing. That money comes directly to you in the form of commissions. Here is something I thought I need to share with you if you intend to succeed in any network marketing business including My Harvest America. Well, your product, company and compensation plan are meaningless until you find a way to acquire your customers and business builders, right? The riches is not in the product. It is in your skill to sell that product. How are you going to do that?

The Etiquette of Business Cards in Japan, China and the United States

views In different cultures, the practice of handing out business cards varies. What applies in the freewheeling United States might not apply in the tradition-bound Asian countries of Japan and China. In fact, even the color and design of your business card holders play an important role in doing business in these countries! Liberal United States When you deal with fellow Americans, you will notice that business cards are treated liberally. You can just shove them in your pocket or wallet, without even glancing at them! However, if you wish to make a better impression, you can follow certain things. – You should whip out your business card holder and hand out your business cards only when the other person requests you or if you are engaged in a business discussion. – You have to refrain from asking a higher-ranked person’s card unless that person asks for your card first or if you were introduced by a third party. – You have to respect someone’s card much as you want your card to be respected by the other person. You have to read and study the card, even for just a moment. Wait until you can dispose of it discreetly, if you wish to do so. Tradition-Bound China When in China, or in Japan for that matter, you should carry double-sided business cards at all times. One side should have English-language information while the other side has Chinese-language (or Japanese-language) information. You are well advised to consult reputable translation companies to ensure that your cards meet local cultural standards. Your double-sided cards are necessary because it would be strange and clumsy to have two separate business card holders with you at all times! When exchanging business cards, always remember these pointers to show your respect: – You have to give and receive business cards with both hands outstretched. – You have to either hold the card for some time or place the cards on the table. You have to avoid immediately putting the cards inside your business card holders lest you be seen as ill-mannered. – You have to present the cards according to status, with higher-ranking personalities given your first priority in handing out your card. Do your research first before going to a meeting. – You have to avoid too much white in your business card holders and business cards. White is the color of mourning; you will do better with red cards.